Sell a property

Selling a property in Quebec involves several steps:

Property Valuation: Before you can sell a property, you need to know how much it is worth in today’s real estate market. With the different methods and approaches, we will determine the most appropriate price.

Preparing the property: Repairs or renovations may be needed to make the property more attractive to potential buyers. This is also the time to depersonalize and declutter the house, as well as to perform a deep cleaning.

Property Listing: Once the house is ready to sell, it can be put on the market. This includes advertising, creating a detailed property listing, arranging viewings and opening the home to potential buyers.

Negotiation: Once a potential buyer has expressed interest, a negotiation phase begins. Buyers will often underbid the asking price, and there may be several rounds of negotiation before a final price is agreed and all of our property experts will help you get through this step.

Acceptance of the offer: Once an offer has been accepted, the seller and the buyer move on to the stage of the compromise of sale. It is a preliminary agreement that gives the buyer time to obtain a mortgage and to have the property inspected, if necessary.

Due diligence and inspection: The buyer usually has the right to have the property professionally inspected to ensure there are no major issues that have not been disclosed.

Finalize Financing: During this time, the buyer will work with their lender to finalize the home loan.

Deed of sale: Once everything is in place, the parties meet to sign the deed of sale. This is the document that officially transfers ownership of the home from the seller to the buyer.

Closing the sale: Once the deed of sale is signed, the sale is finalized, or “closed”. The buyer gets the keys and can move into the property.

Post-sale: Depending on the agreement reached, there may be post-sale provisions to be settled, such as the transfer of utilities.

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