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INNO Link is an innovation in the coordination of all the services required by a newcomer to successfully settle in Canada.

Moving to a new country whether for temporary work or permanent residence requires a lot of planning, both before and after you leave. Our partners’ relocation and immigration services ensure newcomers can settle and thrive in their new communities. That is why we rely on a long-standing and reliable partner system with our partners.

For our part, we ourselves offer you a complete real estate service to help you succeed in your new life in Canada.



We offer talents and companies a unique experience thanks to our expertise and our direct service in real estate whether for the purchase, sale, rental or investment in Canada.


No stress, we take care of everything from the start (pick up at the airport, search for accommodation, schools, nurseries, car, obtaining the main administrative documents and opening a bank account).


Our office is located in the city of Montreal and it would be our pleasure to welcome you by appointment.


We are determined to test the limits. In a rapidly changing environment, we are driven to challenge ourselves by venturing off the main path to discover the appropriate response every time. Franchising is a culture of continuous improvement and innovation, a relentless pursuit of professional and personal progress.

Business service

We offer our services to all government or private organizations that support new arrivals. These companies are often active in immigration and relocation and we offer them a B to B service.

We are involved in our communities. We participate in initiatives that have a significant global effect. We believe that each individual can make a difference and that by uniting around a common goal, we have the ability to go further.

Individual diversity of all kinds is the foundation of our global workforce. We value diversity of origin and opinion, as well as mutual trust and respect. We produce the best results when we work together. We solve challenges more wisely and produce better results by being open-minded and blending our diverse backgrounds, experiences, worldviews and skills.


We believe that the more we love and care about our profession, the more successful and happy we will be. We constantly strive to perform at our best, focus on solutions, and come to work every day eager to make a difference.

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