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Step 1

Free evaluation of your real estate project
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Step 2

Property search
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Step 3

Pre-approval letter
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Step 5

Negotiation and promise to purchase
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Welcome - settling into your new home
about us

We offer you the best solutions

INNO Link Canada is a Canadian company that offers innovative services with the help of its public and private partners.

INNO Link Canada is a link between three different essential services:

  • Immigration
  • Relocation
  • Real Estate

We offer a solid and effective link between the different experts who will help you in the different stages of the process from your country of residence to Canada. In order to help newcomers, achieve their goals, INNO Link Canada organizes several specialized events, workshops and conferences to help its clients access reliable and up-to-date information throughout their international mobility project.

INNO Link Canada offers IT support through new customer service management technologies for immigration and real estate experts.

Whether looking for a new home in the INNO app or planning their international mobility project, INNO Link Canada helps experts better organize their services for their clients.

Our features

Make your way to success in Canada

Our experts will help you find your accommodation before and after you arrive in Canada

Complete the online form for an evaluation of your project
We offer you the best real estate solutions
We help you better prepare your rental application file.

Advantage of being represented by a real estate broker

Advice and verification of the accommodation before renting

Signing the lease remotely

Real estate brokers will help you with the signing process remotely using the appropriate tools

Be referred to the experts for other services

You will be guided through all the different stages of renting your accommodation

Quick and reassuring response to your questions

Brokers are there to answer your questions honestly and diligently

A complete service for the marketing of your Property

Take professional photos and measurements to complete your seller listing
Assist you in completing your seller's declaration
Do a market analysis and establish a market price

Sale of your single-family home

Our experts accompany you in the process of selling your single-family home or your condo to guarantee the success of this transaction.

Sale of your commercial property

A real estate broker with a commercial license will help you better manage the sale of your commercial property while collaborating with other experts such as CPAs, notaries and lawyers specializing in Real Estate.

Selling your business

If you have a plan to sell your business, we support you in the preparation of all the relevant documents for the marketing of your business and we will accompany you throughout the process.

Managing the sale

Several steps are necessary to effectively manage the sale of your property. We will help you to pass the different stages.

With our experienced brokers buy a residential or commercial property.

Find the best housing according to your needs
Find an answer for all your questions
Be accompanied throughout all the administrative steps

Buy a property

Buy the most suitable property in the neighborhood of your choice

Pre-purchase inspection

It is crucial to do a pre-purchase inspection of the property for which your offer to purchase has been accepted.

Financing – Notary

Taking out a mortgage loan is an important step in your purchase and we work with experts to help you succeed in this step.
We put you in touch with the competent notaries who will check all the documents before the final signature

Find out about the different topics in Real Estate

INNO Link Canada regularly organizes workshops and conferences with experts for buyers and sellers
Steps for processing

Take some easy steps
for processing

1 Complete the evaluation form

Complete the evaluation form

The first step is to complete a free evaluation form that helps us assess your qualifications
2 Free consultation

Free consultation

A free video consultation session with the real estate broker with OACIQ license to offer you the best solution based on your requests
3 Set your property search criteria

Set your property search criteria

By setting your search criteria, your process will officially begin
4 Visits begin with the help of your real estate broker

Visits begin with the help of your real estate broker

Your broker will help you find the best housing for you
5 You are about to finalize your transaction

You are about to finalize your transaction

Seller or buyer, your real estate project will be finalized with the help of the experts who will intervene in your file.

Do not miss the opportunity for a better life.


For each turnkey service we offer packages with competitive prices


Contact us /
  • Any type of residential or commercial property


Contact us /
  • Residential or commercial rental


Contact us /
  • Any type of residential or commercial property

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