Buy a business

Buy a business

Depending on the assessment, you can apply for a work permit as an entrepreneur if you provide proof of work and business experience in Canada.

Many business people choose Canada to start a new business project or to expand an existing business.

Obtaining a work permit in Canada is normally difficult and complicated and requires a job offer and approval from the Canadian Ministry of Labor and Welfare. In this method, the applicant does not need to offer employment because they are the owner and operator of the business in Canada.


Buy a business in Canada


This business method is suitable for investors to immigrate to Canada because:


Most of the cost is related to buying a business in Canada.

By setting up a business, you can start your business immediately if you have the necessary permits.

There are no provincial or regional restrictions on this program.

The minimum asset limit and capital amount in this program are different.

Conditions for buying a business in Canada


  • Have managerial training
  • Have at least a degree (diploma)
  • Buy 51% of an active business or start a business
  • Have a minimum capital of CA$200,000
  • Have a minimum IELTS score
  • Visit the business location before buying (which earns points.)
  • Have a work plan (business plan)
  • LMIA or government approval for work permit issuance (LMIA process assessment in this method takes 2-3 months.)


Advantages of buying a business in Canada


  • Canadian work visa for the main applicant and his family for 2 years
  • Work and study permit for applicant’s spouse
  • Free tuition for children under 18.

Obtaining Canadian residency after one or two years of operation (after a period of one year or less, the applicant will be able to obtain permanent residence in Canada with his family under provincial immigration programs or as a worker federally qualified under the Express Entry program).

Candidates who have acquired and managed a business in Canada in this way can prove their legitimacy by establishing a job with the Canadian government and can apply for residency in Canada by taking advantage of the job offer and work experience at Canada

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