Successful Immigrants

Objectives: To share the experiences of Canadians by establishing an immigrant communication network 


A Council of Experts to Inform and Provide Experiences to All Immigrants in Canada in Various Fields 


  • Information about jobs in Canada
  • Introducing job opportunities in Canada on a daily basis
  • Inform and answer general questions for free for everyone
  • Holding information events for new immigrants
  • Holding training workshops
  • Publication of magazines, information bulletins
  • Holding specialized seminars
  • Provide information on newcomers in Canada

Provide job search and employment information in Canada 

  • Participate in organizing and managing exhibitions

Ask us about 

  • Start-ups in Canada
  • Provincial investment in Canada
  • Work permit 
  • Study permit
  • Legal Affairs in Canada
  • Canadian Investment
  • Employment in Canada
  • Training centers in Canada

Business in Canada 

  • Accounting and Taxation in Canada
  • Finance and Banking in Canada
  • Get a loan in Canada
  • Health insurance in Canada
  • Shipping in Canada
  • Newcomers to Canada

Defining success from the perspective of the most successful people in the world 

Richard Branson: Success means living happily 

Richard Branson owns the Virgin complex with assets worth $ 5 billion. Virgin Group has 400 companies as subsidiaries around the world. He is also a very successful author on business. 

According to Richard Branson, the definition of success is directly related to the amount of happiness in our lives. In a post on his LinkedIn, he nicely mentioned the definition of success: 

Many people measure their success rate by the amount of income or the number of staff they work with. I think real success should be measured by how happy you are. 

Defining the success of Oprah Winfrey: A sense of accomplishment 

The beginning of Oprah Winfrey’s life was full of many challenges and difficulties. Despite all these difficulties as a child, she changed her life with a lot of effort as a teenager and focusing on television. She has suffered many setbacks since taking office in Baltimore and spent many days at the bottom of the rankings but did not give up. 

She constantly changed the format of her show to become the number one TV show in the United States. After her remarkable success on television, she founded a magazine and a production company. One of the main reasons for her fame is her charities and humanitarian activities. 

According to her, success for Oprah Winfrey does not mean fame and becoming the richest woman in the world. The meaning of success for her lies in the sense of accomplishment. She says: 

Ask yourself: How can I do a greater service in life! By answering this question, you get the sense of accomplishment that is the main definition of success for me in life. “ 

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