One of the things that every person has to do every day is to pay the bills. Paying your bills on time will improve your credit and get you a better loan if you want to buy a property in the future or expand your existing one.

If you rent a property, it is possible that some of the bills include the rent amount and you do not need to pay it separately. Otherwise, if it is not mentioned in the lease or if you are the owner of the property, you must pay the bills on time every month.

Electric bill:


Hydro-Québec is an electric company that manages the production, transmission and distribution of electricity in the province of Quebec. When you move to a new house, you must register on the Hydro Quebec website (you do not need to register if you are a Hydro Quebec customer) and enter the house information. Hydro bills are issued every 2 months. You can contact Hydro and ask them for the available packages for customers. For example, they calculate how much electricity is consumed in a month compared to the size of the house and they give you a fixed number and you pay a fixed amount each time. If your house has heat insulation, like condos, the electricity bill will be much lower.


Hot water bill:


In Canada, water is free, but you have to pay for hot water. Hot water in Quebec is managed by Hydro-Solution. When you move into a new home, you must register and go through the steps like Hydro Quebec. If your house has a heating system, the owner of the house pays for the hot water and you don’t need to do this anymore.



There are various companies that provide home internet. You can contact them directly and ask the conditions of the packages they offer and choose the best package according to your needs.

Internet provider companies:

  • Rogers
  • Bell
  • Fido
  • Virgin
  • Telus
  • Videotron

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