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In Canada, there are experts for detailed home inspections who, upon your request, will technically inspect your desired home for a reasonable fee. The task of an inspector is to examine all the internal and external environment of your home and provide you with an official report of any minor defects or possible future failures. Any kind of decay, failure, and problem that may cause you trouble in the near future, this report will include explanations about the type of failure or the timetable for estimating its failure time. With the help of this report, you will be able to enter into a contract with full knowledge of the technical condition of the house.

The things that are examined during the home inspection are mainly:

  • Water and sewage piping system
  • Electrical wiring and connections
  • Insulation and air conditioning
  • Status of the water source
  • House foundation
  • Roof of the house
  • Overall integrity of the building

Best time to request a home inspection:

The best time to do a home inspection in Canada is after you make an offer and before making any financial commitments. You can submit your offer subject to the home inspection report, and it is also your right to cover all the technical options for buying a house in Canada in your offer. You can even specify a time frame for your bet on the technical health of the home and the stay of your offer, which is usually 5 days.

Of course, the inspection process itself only takes a few hours, and there is no need for you to be there. However, if you attend, you will have the opportunity to get to know your future home better and ask the inspection expert any questions you may have.

The cost of a home inspection in Canada and its related conditions:

Normally, the cost of home inspection is borne by the buyer, and this cost will be around 300 to 500 dollars depending on the size of the house and the age of the building. Of course, sometimes it is possible that the seller will bear this cost by agreement, but in general, the buyer will accept it voluntarily.

Inspection of all types of property:

Inspection of newly built houses

Many people think that only older homes need an inspection. While even the newly built houses that you are supposed to be the first owner of may cause you problems after settling in. Especially the issue of wiring, the type of electrical switches and related connections, the piping of hot and cold water lines, and things like that, may cause trouble even in new buildings. In general, using an inspector is always a good idea and a reasonable cost that will ease your mind from buying or renting a house in Canada.

Inspection of condos and apartments

Another issue that is often questioned is the inspection status of condos. In general, the board of directors of each apartment undertakes the guarantee of the technical health of the general part of the building, and all the responsibility of this part is the responsibility of the board of directors. But about your individual unit, it’s definitely better to consider getting an inspection done before you buy a home in Canada, and especially check the plumbing and electrical wiring in your unit.

Choose a reliable inspector

Another issue is how to choose a reliable home inspector in Canada. There are different ways to do this. The real estate agent in Canada who is the party to your account may be familiar with the inspector or inspectors and recommend one for you. You may also get a recommendation from a relative or friend.

You can search the list of home inspectors in Montreal in the following link:


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