Student choose program

INNO Visa Canada works as follows:

  1. choose the city you desire to continue your education.
  2. Then you announce the field or fields of interest or related to your study
  3. In the next step, you announce the budget and ability to pay the university or college tuition to the experts.

Based on the information provided by you, the experts will provide you with a list of suitable courses and colleges.

If you have questions about majors, colleges and universities, you can send them in writing on WhatsApp so that the experts can give you an answer.

Admission requirements depend on many factors. And it’s not just about your election. Other important factors such as:

  • Consider each person’s visa chances
  • Strings selected by you
  • College or university level
  • Possibility of admission in the desired field and college / university of choice

The experts of INNO Visa Canada will introduce you to the fields in which admission is currently possible and has a better chance of getting a visa.

The field and college / university that is sent to you can be very good for you both in terms of work and in terms of visa chances, but the decision is made by the individual and our company and experts do not make decisions at all instead of individuals because choosing the field It’s a personal matter, and if someone decides for you, in future they may inquire into your opinion and that person will be responsible.

Also, when experts send you a course, it means that the course is ready for quick submission for admission and has not been obtained based on an expert search on Google, and your conditions for the course have been fully reviewed.

There are thousands of majors in Canada, but that does not mean that every major is currently ready for admission and that the student’s conditions are right for that major, so the experts in the disciplines they send you are now able to act quickly. exists.

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