Review of case by federal court lawyer

This service is only available to INNO Visa Canada clients and is not provided to people whose case is not submitted by our company.

Individuals who have not yet applied for a visa and are applying for the first time can, if they wish, apply to Court’s lawyer before submitting their application.

For cases that have been rejected once, it must go to court. The case will be reviewed by court ‘s lawyer when it is finalized.

The cost of reviewing the case will be announced by court ‘s attorney and the defense in federal court in the case.

After getting the visa result, there are 2 situations:

First scenario: the case is accepted and there is no problem and you will receive a visa.

Second scenario: if you have a rejection and the case is not accepted, the case must go the federal court. The cost of taking the case to court must be paid at that time then the lawyer is able to take the case to the court.

Federal Court Process (Court, Canada)

Step 1: In this step, the file is reviewed briefly and for further review, they may request more documents. If, in the opinion of the court, there are not sufficient reasons and there is no objection to the officer’s work, the case will be closed and the case will no longer reach the defense stage. If you are given the opportunity to defend the case, the lawyer will be asked to prepare a defense letter and send it to the federal court.

Step 2: This step allows you to defend the case and the lawyer must provide evidence and defense to the Canadian judicial system.

At this stage, no documents can be added and the decision is made based on the documents that have already been submitted.

At the end of the second stage there are 2 situations:

  1. The court will offer you a Settle, which you can accept, and your rejection will be remedied, and you can resubmit the case, which will be reviewed by another officer, and you can also provide stronger financial documents, etc.
  2. The court will not offer you a deal or settle, and the lawyer must defend the case.

Step 3: In this step, the lawyer of the case appears in court and defends the case. In this step, it is possible to prove by presenting documents why the officer did not act rationally in issuing the visa.

If the court rules in favor of the case, it means that your case has been accepted and you will have to wait for the experts to announce the next steps.

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