Duolingo Language Certificate

Duolingo degree is sent directly from the center to the university or college. You will need to upload a copy of the test scores and a certificate, and the original certificate will be sent to the university or college by the Duolingo Language Testing Center. Therefore, once the university or place of study has been identified, an email should be sent to the Duolingo Test Center asking them to send the certificate to your university or training center.

About Duolingo test:

The Duolingo language test is an online English language test that, like the TOFEL and IELTS computer tests, measures the four skills of Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. The interesting thing about this test is that if you answer one question correctly, the next question will be harder and if you answer the next question incorrectly, it will be easier. The test costs $ 49

This test is accepted in 527 universities in the world, which you can download the list of these universities from the following link.


To convert and compare the score of this test with the score of TOEFL test, refer to the following link.


To create an account and participate in this test, refer to the following link:


Scoring in Duolingo test:

  • In this test, the participant is given a score from 10 to 160. Scores at 5 levels determine the participant’s knowledge and skills.
  • Reasons to take the Duolingo language test:
  • Unlike other tests, you can do this test using your personal computer, and of course no one should be in your room, and you are not allowed to take notes.
  • The low price of participating in the test compared to other tests is one of the main motivations for participating, which, of course, considering that it is possible to participate in this test at home, has attracted candidates.
  • Report and resume that will determine the exact status of the candidate at each level
  • As you know, TOEFL allows you to send free transcripts to 4 training centers for free. This number is 5 transcripts for IELTS, and then $ 20 must be paid for each additional transcript. However, the Dolingo test is unlimited for sending transcripts to educational centers and does not receive any additional amount.
  • Currently, some companies use Duolingo ‘s portfolio to assess job seekers’ skills to find out the language level of job seekers.
  • The duration of the Duolingo test is about 1 hour, which makes you spend less time.


The difference between Duolingo test and IELTS:

  • The layout of the IELTS test questions is the same as for other standardized tests. While the D Duolingo test is adaptive and the difficulty level of the next question is based on the correctness or incorrectness of the answer to the previous question.
  • Unlike the IELTS test, the results of the Duolingo test are not accepted by many training centers. Therefore, before the test, make sure that the results of Duolingo are accepted by the training center you are considering.
  • The IELTS test has long texts and is done in separate sections.
  • The IELTS 2 exam has an academic and general format, while the D Duolingo exam is held in one format.

Duolingo English Test Schedule:

  • Quick Preparation (5 minutes): An introduction is provided to learn the rules and requirements of the Duolingo test.
  • Main test (45 minutes): A graded section that assesses your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.
  • Video interview (10 minutes): A non-scoring section that records your answers to open-ended questions.

Admission from Canadian Universities with a Duolingo Degree:

As we said, in order to be accepted from different universities, you have to follow certain conditions. One of the special conditions for admission to Canadian universities is the presentation of an English language degree. Since studying at a Canadian university is in English, one of the English language-related qualifications such as IELTS, TOEFL, and. Must be provided. But recently, another language test called Duolingo has entered the field, which can be a good alternative to other tests. But first of all, it’s a question of which Canadian universities are accepting Duolingo degrees?

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