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Expenses related to accommodation, travel and project are entirely the responsibility of the applicant and group members, and the company has no responsibility or involvement in this regard.

When a person has a business tourist visa and wants to apply for a work visa from within Canada, he or she will have to pay a refund fee to apply for a work visa within Canada.

The work visa must be extended at least 6 months before the expiration date of the visa. Expenses for the extension of the applicant’s work visa and the extension of the tourist or study and work visa of the companions must be paid separately.

The list of tariffs and costs can be seen on the company’s website.

  • Business Tourist Visa:

If the visa is accepted:

Responsibility to the group:

In case of obtaining a temporary business visa, the applicant is obliged to be present in Canada at a certain time and with a schedule done by the company consultants and the supervisor, and to perform a series of tasks related to his company and all these activities performed. To document. The applicant’s presence in Canada demonstrates that the project is important to the team members and that they are working to advance the project. This visa must also be considered. For example, a person can not get a temporary business visa and travel to another city in Canada for travel and tourism, and has no contact with the supervisor and ignores the business activities he / she was supposed to do according to his / her obligations. This can cause problems for the applicant and other members of the group. If a person wants to convert their visa into a work visa to stay longer in Canada after arriving in Canada on a tourist visa with a temporary business visa, it is possible and can send their application from within Canada. All arrangements Necessary must be done in this regard. The time allowed to stay in Canada with this visa is 6 months.

Applicant’s family status:

The action is for the applicant only and no visa has been requested for the spouse and children. The person must first be in Canada and then change their visa to a work, and then the visa will be issued to his or her spouse and children as a tourist. After their presence in Canada and obtaining a tourist visa, family members can convert their visa to study and work at that time, and at that time, the necessary measures must be taken in this field and from within Canada.

The question that arises as to whether family members should be treated at the same time or after arriving in Canada varies greatly from case to case.

What to do with a visa and when to do so will be done with the applicant’s knowledge and coordination with him or her and immigration counselors, and may vary from case to case, with each case being decided on a case-by-case basis.

In case of visa rejection:

Responsibility to the group:

When the answer to a temporary business visa or temporary work visa is negative, we have to wait to receive the file note to see exactly what reasons the officer has given and to make a decision based on those reasons of the applicant.

Very important explanation

Each case is different from the other, and each applicant must make his or her final decision about his or her case and that of his or her family.

The issues raised are based on different strategies and can be diffrent from officer to officer, and no one but the applicant can make the final decision on their case and ultimately decide to reapply for their visa. The advisors advise to take action again and follow up on the case and not to drop the case. Because it can show that the person has definite and logical reasons for his presence in Canada and defends his presence in Canada, whether the case is defensible or not should be examined and based on the result sent to the applicant, the decision Will take himself in this field.

Sending a case to federal court is highly recommended when the case is defensible in every way, and we can have a chance of succeeding in federal court, and it is recommended because we may be able to get the desired result from this action.

What is certain is that the lack of follow-up of the applicant when emphasizing his / her presence in Canada due to the needs of the project raises doubts for the officer as to why the person who had reasons to need to be present in Canada because of the project He made his decision to withdraw, changing the factors mentioned by the officer and not trying to reapply to Canada.

Another officer may not care. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to predict, and no immigration company is able to anticipate immigration decisions at any level, and can only make recommendations based on different strategies.


The cost of sending the case to the federal court is not part of the cost and must be paid separately.

Applicant’s family status:

If a person decides not to take action on his / her case after receiving a negative result from the Immigration Office and only waits for a permanent residence visa, all the consequences are the responsibility of working with the person and according to the company’s recommendation, the person must re-apply with an expert opinion. And take action by taking notes and will not leave this case without results, unless the person decides and accepts it with full responsibility and any possible consequences.

In case of rejection, family members can receive the note and review the file or re-submit, or file a rejection file with the federal court to receive the result.


  • The explanations provided in this file are to guide more applicants and help them to make better decisions. The final decision-maker in each stage of the immigration is the responsibility of the applicant.
  • Description This file is based on observations and data and is prepared only in accordance with the general rules of the Immigration Office in April 2022, and according to the new conditions of the Immigration Office, new updates from the Immigration Office should be considered. This file is based on interpretations of the general rules of the Immigration Office.
  • Canadian Immigration Law allows an officer to comment on a case based on his or her assessment and make a final decision.

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