Project development and innovation meeting Guide

We are proud to inform you that project development and innovation meetings with your project support organization will begin now.

With the completion of the initial steps of your work such as company registration, letter of support and other administrative matters, now is the time to start scientific work for your project.

Meetings Project Development and Innovation Meetings for scientific work on the project and project advancement, one meeting per month

Will be and if necessary more meetings will be considered for you.

Session 1: The first session is an introductory session with Dr. Megan in charge of the business and start-up department of Inno Visa Canada. This session is held in Persian and in the Zoom application. In this session, the purpose of these sessions will be clarified for you and all your questions will be answered.

The hours and dates of the next meetings will be coordinated with you in the first meeting.

Next sessions: The next sessions will be in English and in the zoom application. These meetings will be attended by Canadian delegates providing support letters, and Dr. Megan will accompany you as a guide and mentor.

  • Failure to attend these meetings will result in your cancellation of the project and if you receive 3 warnings for delay or non-attendance at your contract meetings, your contract will be canceled unilaterally and the amounts paid will not be refundable.
  • Warning: These meetings are very important and can not be canceled or moved under any circumstances. Any delay or cancellation is the responsibility of the individual.
  • In case of any medical problem, the appointment time can be changed only with prior coordination.

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