Company email and website Guide

After completing your company website and emails, a complete file containing all the information will be sent to you.

When the company is registered for you, there are items that must be provided for your website and company name, such as domain, host and WordPress panel, the descriptions of which you can read below.

Domain: In the domain, your company name is purchased, which needs to be renewed annually so that your company name is always exclusive to you. In simpler way, it is like the shop where you bought the sign and others can not use this name, and this name belongs to you and your company, like the shop sign.

Host: This is the space where we put the company information and also the yearbook, you have to renew it. Simply put, it’s like you rented a place for your shop and the services you provide come from there.

WordPress panel: refers to the space where your website information is placed. In simpler terms, it means that you have rented a shop window or a shelf inside the shop and your customers can see what services or services you offer by looking at the shop windows. It is very important to update your user panel or shop window regularly, because if you are going to offer a new service and do not enter it in the WordPress panel, your customers will not be notified of this update.

Corporate emails: This is your official company email and is used in many cases such as: investment applications, government funds, seminars and other important centers. This email should be checked daily to avoid losing special situations.

Send all your messages and answers to the experts because it will be in accordance with Canadian standards and what is best said and all correspondence remains. It is very important that this information is done in a completely regular and regular manner with the center and in in the future, we will be able to use this correspondence for your case, so any message you have, please send 1 copy so that colleagues can check it and provide you with a corrected copy.

Important: Remember that the company name, domain and host purchased for you are annual and you must renew your membership before it expires.

If you do not renew the host and domain, your host and domain will not be available and other people and companies can buy these hosts and domains and your company will be virtually anonymous.

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