Inquiring the Company Lawyer License

Under Canadian law, only a licensed Canadian immigration attorney who is active and a member of the Canadian Immigration Advisory Board (ICCRC) is allowed to assist you in applying for your visa.

One of the most important characteristics of a Canadian immigration lawyer is having complete and accurate information about all immigration matters and legal solutions. In recent years, immigration to Canada has always been very common. Hence, immigration laws are currently somewhat complex and numerous.

Having a reliable and licensed lawyer increases the chances of obtaining a visa because, based on their experience, they know exactly what the rules of the Immigration Office are and increase the chances of obtaining a visa when acting with the necessary knowledge and strategies.

To inquire about the licenses of a lawyer and an immigration company, you can do the following:

First, click on the link below. This website is the official website of the Council for Legislation and Immigration Advisers of Canada (ICCRC).

The link:

Then there is a section in the middle of the page like the one below where you can enter the name of the lawyer and then click on the Search option.

After entering the name and then clicking on the Search option at the bottom of this page, a section will open for you where you can see the status of the lawyer. Then click on the Contact option to see the company information.

After clicking on the Contact option, a page like the example will open for you.

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