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INNO Link is the provider of the company’s software services and the company’s proprietary system.

This company is registered to protect the specialized and innovative system of the company under the name of INNO Link, and as its name implies, the link is intended for the IT system and services in the field of immigration.

INNO Visa Company provides business immigration services such as start-up visa, investment, business in Canada.

INNO Visa Canada is a group of experts in the field of immigration and business start-ups in Canada. The company is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. Our activities in the specialized fields are obtaining work visas, business visas, Canadian start-up visas and permanent residency for applicants from all over the world, especially Iranians. The cooperation of specialized forces during the immigration process will help you not only to send the best and strongest immigration file to the Immigration Office, but also to pave the way for your professional success after arriving in Canada.

Applying through a registered immigration company and an official immigration attorney can greatly increase your chances of getting a visa.

To inquire about  INNO Visa Canada, you can do the following:

First do a Google search for Company register Quebec and click on this option.

Then click on Find an enterprise option.

Then a page like the example will open for you where in the field shown you can search for the company name and then click on the Rechercher option.

After selecting this option, a page will open for you to view company information. You can read the company information by clicking on the blue number.

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