Signing government forms

Government forms that are uploaded for you are very important and you should check all the information entered and if the information entered is incorrect you should immediately inform us so that we can correct the forms.

After signing, you must scan and upload the form. Regular scanning of forms is very important because the received forms are sent directly to the Immigration Office.

How to sign government forms     

  1. In the menu on the left, click on the Forms option to enter the Forms page.

2. Click on the green arrow to download the form for you.

3. Check the form carefully and sign the form if it is correct.

4. After signing, scan the form and upload it in the uploaded form of the signed form.

5. You must follow these steps for all uploaded forms.

6. If the form does not have a signature and only needs to be checked, check the information and, if correct, upload the same downloaded form.

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