Contract Request Form Guide

Important Note: If you do not sign the contract within the next 30 days, the contract will be invalid and will be automatically taken out of your reach.

1. After your consultation and the explanations provided to start the case, you can log in to your profile and select the option to request a draft contract at the bottom of the page.

2. Please answer the questions on the draft contract request form page.

3. This information is very important because it will be stated in your official contract, so enter all the information according to your passport.

4. In the draft contract request form, you can only answer in English. Please do not write your information in Persian. If your keyboard language is Persian and you start typing, the system will not accept it. Then translate the keyboard language into English.

5. For a question about the city and country, you can separate your answer by putting a comma. For example: Montreal, Canada

6. To better understand all the terms of the draft contract and avoid any problems in the future, you can download the contract in English, French and Persian.

7. After entering all the information at the bottom of the page, you must upload the first page of your passport.

8. After uploading the first page of your passport, you can click on the Submit option to continue the steps.

9. After submitting the draft contract application form, you will go to the contract page and you can see your contract.

Note that in order to start legal activity in your case by experts, it is necessary to make the first payment and register it in the application.

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