Before Submit Guide

Dear applicant, Thank you very much for your very good cooperation in reaching the final submission stage, and we hope you will get the best result in your immigration case.

We need to check the following with you to get the most out of your submission process.

  1. Forms

Please check all the forms in the application and sign the confirmation letter and contact the relevant expert so that your forms are finalized and sent to lawyers for submission.

  1. Documents

Your documents which are approved in application are final. At this stage, just make sure that no document that needs to be signed is left in the application without a signature. Please check these items:

  • The passport must have signature
  • Passport validity of at least 2 years for the individual and all family members
  • Scan all current passport pages
  • Scan the stamped and visa pages of old passports
  • Translation Date:
  • Diplomas and certificates »Maximum 12 months
  • Identity documents »Maximum 6 months
  • Bank documents and police certificate »Maximum 1 month
  • Translator profile is not required
  • English translation text and then a copy of the original document with the translator’s stamp
  • The translator stamp must be placed on all pages
  • Scanning pages should be smooth
  • The scan should fit entire frame
  • The scan size should not be large – it should be 100 to 150 mg per document.
  • The scan should be legible and should not be blurry
  • The scan should be clear
  1. Results and reports

In this section, open and read all the reports or documents that have been sent to you, and then confirm them.

  1. Government fees

Please pay attention to the email that was sent to you and you will see your government fee in the invoices section.

  1. Lawyer’s fees

If there is an unpaid fee in your case, be sure to make the necessary arrangements. All payments are in accordance with company and contract rules and must be paid in full before submission, so please act immediately to pay your fees and upload your payment receipt in the application.

  1. Provided documents

All documents or guides sent to you during the immigration process are for your immigration file only and are official documents of Inno Visa Canada. Please refrain from sending documents and guides to other people in any form or title.

  1. Change information

All changes made to the forms during your immigration process must be recorded in your profile. As a result, if the information needs to be changed, the experts will reject your form and write the reason for this rejection to you in the rejected form. All your information must be accurate and correct at the time of submission and there should be no wrong information in the application. Since this information is for us in the future for the next steps and any activity we need, please pay attention to this article and make all corrections at the same time and place.

  1. Tickets section

The ways you communicate with the experts are in the tickets section. Please always check the tickets section. If the experts have left a message for you, reply to them in a timely manner.


We wish you and your family success. After submitting the file, we will provide you with other information.

The first important step after submitting your file is to request a fingerprint (biometric), which will provide you with further details.

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