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Welcome to INNO application

Your entire immigration process, such as receiving all documents and responding to forms, etc., takes place in this application.

Your first step when entering the dashboard is to respond to the forms:

Important Note: Remember that you must enter all the information based on your passport and translation of your documents.

The name  and family name must be written in English and exactly according to the passport. Your name may be written in different models. Refer to the passport and write exactly the model written in the passport.

Note: In case of any discrepancy between the model for writing the name or surname in English and the passport, all forms will be rejected and all forms must be completed again.

In case of discrepancies between the information entered by you and the translation of your documents, all forms will be rejected and all forms must be completed again.


The information you enter on these forms is entered exactly the same as on your government forms and is filed in your file. Forms such as: Family Information Form, Identity Information Form, Past Travel Form, Financial Information Form, Activity Form and Residence Address Form are all very important and should be answered.


At each stage of the process you considered what you have to do is to limit it. All the information written in each action (task) is important and you should read it. If you have already done something or you have already prepared the requested document, just click on the done option at the end of the action and take the next steps.


The question mark option at the top of each page gives you a guide to that page. These guides are very important and be sure to read them on every page. Reading these guides will help you answer all your questions and you will go through the steps without any problems.

important points:

The immigration process is a very sensitive and time consuming process and all the steps must be done very carefully.

To act faster and better in the application, be sure to read all the guides and tasks.

Acting faster and more accurately in the application will make your submission faster.

The applicant is responsible for any delay in completing the forms or incorrect information and the company will not be responsible.

The applicant is responsible for any delay in uploading documents or illegible scans.

The applicant is responsible for any delay in taking action or signing government forms.

To avoid the mentioned cases, be sure to read the guides and all the contents.


Thank you very much for your cooperation, dear friend

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