Work Visa at Canadian Border

Normally, an applicant must apply for a work visa online through the official website of the Canadian Immigration Service.

In special cases, if the applicant is in a hurry to obtain a work visa, they can go to the Canadian-American border and leave Canada in a way. Get your work done.

Open work visa conditions:

Obtaining this work visa, although it does not require complicated procedures and special documents, but there are conditions that not everyone can apply for it. In fact, if you are one of the following options, you can earn money by obtaining an open work visa in Canada.

  • Your spouse is officially permitted to work or study in Canada.
  • You have recently graduated from one of the accepted courses of the Immigration Office.
  • As an international student, you are unable to pay your tuition and are in a critical situation
  • You are known as a destitute student.
  • You are a dependent family member (under 19 years old) and have previously applied for permanent residence.
  • You are a refugee or have applied for asylum and are in a difficult period of time when you need temporary work.
  • You have been ordered to leave Canada, but for any reason you are not allowed to leave Canada at this time.
  • While other conditions such as geographical area, place of work, type of job, duration of work may all be limited by the immigration officer in your open work visa. This visa is also not issued for activities such as strip clubs, sex massage and escort agencies.

Documents required for Open Work Permit:

If you are a graduate who has completed your studies in Canada or your spouse resides in Canada on a permanent work visa or student visa, you can apply for an open work permit if you intend to stay in Canada. The documents you must provide are:

  • Passport
  • 2 photos
  • Marriage certificate
  • Documents related to the identity of the person along with copy and translation
  • Your spouse’s financial documents that you intend to obtain a license with
  • Work-related documents from your spouse showing that his or her occupation is approved by the Canadian Department of Labor.
  • Medical health certificate letter
  • Employment letter
  • In addition, if your work permit expires while you are out of Canada, you may be allowed to apply for a work permit at the border if you meet the required criteria. You must prove to the immigration officer that you meet the requirements for the job group you are applying for.

Very important points:

  • There is no guarantee of obtaining a work permit and the officer may check in the system and not issue a work visa for any reason.
  • The officer may tell you that more time is needed to review and study. Therefore, you will not be allowed to re-enter and you will not be able to enter Canada until you have checked.
  • In such cases, if the applicant does not have a good record and does not have good conditions and goes to the border, he / she has somehow left Canada and the applicant enters Canada with difficulty and in some cases the officer may not allow him to re-enter Canada.
  • Advise people to refrain from going to the border and wait for a response from the Swedish Migration Board within the stipulated time.
  • This company has no responsibility or guarantee for the presentation of a work visa in code for you by the officer and you act only at your own risk.

Canadian borders you can visit:

Very important point before choosing a border:

Make sure the border you choose has an immigration office, otherwise you have left the country and can not enter under any other circumstances.


Convincing the US Border Officer:

When you go to the border, you are actually going to the Canadian-US border, and at the border you have to explain to the US border officer that you do not intend to enter the US and just go to the Canadian Immigration Office. At this stage, if the officer asks you about the early stages of entering the United States, such as photos, fingerprints, and related questions, and gives you a letter that you have been so-called rejected for entering the United States. In the future, if you want to travel to the United States, you must answer the I-94W form, and in this form you will be asked if you have ever been rejected to enter the United States. You have to answer the question no and you just went to this border to go to the Canadian Immigration Service and in fact you have never been rejected.

Return to Canadian border:

The Canada Border Officer will ask you several questions about your status and will notify you that your status will expire soon. You must have all the necessary documents for the officer to extend your stay and show it to the officer.

If you are applying for a tourist visa, the officer will tell you that you can stay in Canada for a maximum of 6 months, during which time you must prove that you have enough money for your basic needs and to buy a plane ticket back to your country.

More information:

Crossing the border and applying for admission in the United States is only to return to the Canadian border and apply for a status. Getting a work permit or study permit, etc. allows you to do the process faster by going to the border instead of waiting several weeks. In addition, in some cases individuals must physically leave Canada to obtain their pre-approved status from the Canadian Border Immigration Service. Going to the Border and Getting a Work or Study Permit There is now a large audience as the Canadian Border Immigration Service has specific plans for Ontario and Quebec’s busiest borders. In addition, from June 2019, a new policy will restrict the type of work permit applications for those who apply in this way. In short, individuals in Canada must apply for temporary immigration electronically from June 2019, unless otherwise noted. Due to the outbreak of coronary heart disease, border crossings and sewing have been completely banned since March 2020. For those who have a closed work permit or have lost their job due to a pandemic, they can still go to the border to get a new work permit, but going to the border involves a fee that must be paid. Also, people who go to the border and have a temporary exit must be quarantined for 14 days when they return and if they are not vaccinated.

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