Visa/Permit renewal

Congratulations on receiving your Work Permit / Study Permit

Your visa is being reviewed and it is best to apply for your visa as soon as possible.

The difference between a visa and a permit

Note that “Visa” allows you to enter Canada and “Permit” allows you to stay in Canada for study or work.

  • In fact, you can not study or work in Canada just by having a visa, and you can not enter Canada just by having a permit.
  • The expiration dates of these two documents are not necessarily related. But what is certain is that both will be based on the validity date of your passport. This means that if your period of study is 3 years and you have 2 years left from the validity period of your passport, both a visa and a permit will be issued to you for two years.
  • One of the important points to consider before any action is the validity date of the passport. Be sure to check that it is valid for at least 2 years.
  • Of course, if the period of the issued premium is shorter than your period of study, it can be easily renewed.

Some important points:

  1. If you are studying or working in Canada and do not plan to leave Canada, you do not need to renew your expired visa.
  2. If you decide to leave Canada for a while for any reason and your visa has expired, be sure to renew it 3 months before the trip.
  3. To extend your student or work visa from Canada, your premium must be valid. Pay attention to its history.
  4. If your permit is expiring and you still have left from your studies, at least 3 months before the end of the permit, apply for an extension. Note that any permit requires a government fee.
  5. You can legally enter Canada even if you have a few days left until your visa expires. Note, however, that if you are a visitor, the immigration officer is allowed to set a specific date for you to leave Canada, and you must leave Canada before that date.
  6. If you enter Canada on a visitor visa and the border officer does not set a specific date for your departure, you can stay in Canada for 6 months without any problems. In fact, you do not need a visa to stay.
  7. Be sure to pay attention to the history of permit. It is sometimes seen that the student or the worker has encountered many problems due to not paying attention to the date of renewal of the permit.
  8. If you are not aware and your permit expiration, you should immediately apply for a renewal of the permit plus Restoration
  9. If you are coming to Canada as a visitor, be sure to apply for a study or work visa before your 6-month stay in Canada expires. Otherwise you will face many problems.
  10. Visa and Permit are two very important documents, each of which has its own application. Take care to maintain them and always be aware of their expiration date.
  11. Are you planning to travel outside of Canada? Get a visa
  12. You will not be able to enter Canada with a Permit professor or a Permit workshop. So remember to apply for a visa after receiving a renewal from a Permit Master or Perm Workshop. To apply for a visa extension, you must apply and then send your passport to the Immigration Office for visa labeling.


Payment table

Necessary actions:

To apply for a visa extension, please follow the steps below in the system.

  1. Announce your final decision to extend your visa
  2. Select the appropriate service in the application
  3. Fill out the contract request form
  4. Sign the contract
  5. Payment of initial invoice
  6. Enter the dashboard
  7. Correcting and updating forms such as address forms and activity forms, etc.
  8. Upload all requested documents
  9. Sign and upload all government forms
  10. Complete all steps and get confirmation for all steps
  11. Submit request
  12. And finally your final submission is done.

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