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After submitting the file, a letter from the Immigration Office will be sent to the applicant as confirmation of the file submission.

The letter states that the Immigration Office will receive and review your documents and will notify the applicant if there are any problems.

This does not mean that the applicant’s documents will be reviewed immediately and may be reviewed in several stages.

The official website of the Immigration Office lists the approximate time for each type of visa, but this does not mean that the applicant’s submission will be answered at the time of writing and may take longer than the announced time.

The applicant will be notified if there is a problem with the documents while the Immigration Office is reviewing the case.

In some cases, the case is rejected directly without informing the applicant, but in cases of permanent residence and work visas, before the officer wants to reject the case completely, if there is a problem, the necessary information must be obtained through the case lawyer. Sends and at that time if there is a defect in the file or there is a need to send other documents, those documents will be sent.

At the time of reviewing the file, first a temporary file number (file number) is sent to the applicant and then after the final documents are reviewed, a permanent file number is sent. The Immigration Office is currently very late and in most cases the temporary file number is received too late.

It takes a long time to receive this review, and you can find out how long it takes to review your application by visiting the Immigration Office website. For example, if your case is a business visa through a business or start-up, you can and can see the time limit for reviewing the case.

Official Website of the Immigration Office:

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