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You have several options for getting a ticket, the price of a plane ticket to Canada varies according to the time and the company. If the time frame of your departure is clear, it is better not to delay the preparation of the ticket because you will miss some good opportunities.

Due to the increase in the exchange rate, the price of plane tickets has also increased and you have to search for several places to choose the best route, most of the routes are in transit and through a middle country (for example: Tehran – Qatar – Montreal)

When purchasing a ticket, please note that the ticket can be canceled and refunded. Avoid booking charter tickets that are non-cancellable.

Applicants must provide all tickets, round-trip flights, visas issued, dates of all arrivals and departures to Canada and any other country during their visa period, translation of entry and exit stamps in the passport and original old passports Maintain insurance received in Canada, lease agreements in Canada, and other important documents until you receive full residency and a Canadian passport. All of these documents will be required in the next steps to convert and extend your visa.


It is best to be at the airport at least 3 to 4 hours before the flight so that you can give your luggage comfortably.

Try to weigh your luggage at home with a home scale. If the luggage weighs a lot, be sure to pay extra, then you will not be upset after hearing the amount! The method of calculating overload is different in companies. One of these methods is accepting the load in pieces (Piece). This means that you are allowed to carry, for example, 2 suitcases with a maximum of twenty-three kilograms, and each additional suitcase, even with a light weight of one piece, is considered.

Tip: If you have already spent a lot of money on a Canadian residency, do not try to save on overload by filling small bags and moving them into the cabin. Because the weight of handbags inside the plane is limited (about 8 kg) and when standing in line and changing planes at the middle airport, you have to bear these heavy loads, which reduces the pleasure of travel and adds to your stress.

The following equipment is prohibited when entering Canada:

Unauthorized weapons, explosives, weapons, etc.


Meat – Dairy – Fresh fruits and vegetables (such as apples) due to the transmission of plant diseases from one continent to the Americas

Plant – Flower – Soil – Due to the transmission of plant diseases from another continent to the Americas

Animal body parts or products made from them such as skin, feathers, fur, bones, ivory

Cultural items such as antiques that have historical features (this does not include family items)

More than 200 cigarettes (for which you have to pay tax) for each person over the age of 19 entering Ontario (Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba. This age limit is 18 years).

More than 1.5 liters of alcohol or 1.14 liters of commercial alcohol for each person over 19 years old (more than that you have to pay taxes)

Middle Airport (Transit):

Given the limited time you have at the middle airport, it is best to carefully pick up your flight ticket to Canada and then go sightseeing or resting. You always have 2 to 6 hours of delay at the middle airport and try to check the exit door of your next flight a few hours in advance.

Important Note: Your landing must be in the city of your project and in no case should you be in a city other than your project. If you are coming to Canada for the first time, it is better that your transit time is short so that you do not need to leave the airport, because in your work permit, the city of Landing eats and the officer may ask why you want to leave the airport if Your destination is another city, but for the next time you have your Permit Workshop or Permit Master, it is not a problem to get any kind of ticket.

Destination airport in Canada:

Inside the aircraft, you will be given a card called the Declaration Card, which you must fill out. In this card, you will be asked about your mobile accessories, including valuable electrical appliances, medicine, etc. This card will be requested from you upon arrival.

After stopping the plane, follow the other passengers to the exit route, and at the end, you must go to the section for immigrants (Immigrants) to complete the immigration process.

It consists of a hall and several counters, and people like you of different nationalities are sitting there. When it’s your turn, you will need to submit your passports, visa confirmation form, customs declaration, and possibly your Toronto bank account form. Your personal information will be re-checked to correct any errors. Also, the amount of money with you will be asked and recorded.

From this moment on, your visa will be revoked on the passport and the bottom copy of the visa confirmation form will be used until the permanent residence card (PR) is mailed to your address. (You must provide an address for your initial stay or the hotel to send the cards there. If you change residence, you can notify them later).

By receiving a PR card, you will be able to leave the country in unlimited numbers if you wish. (Before receiving the card, you must go to the relevant center to be issued an exit letter).

After completing the admission process, you will be given a set of brochures, forms and guides (such as how to get a health card), social insurance card (Social Insurance Number), child tax, language classes, etc. Which you will use later.

“Welcome to Canada”

This is a sentence that you will hear from the airport staff many times from now on!


Departure from the airport:

You go to the exit hall to receive the luggage. Because you are late for this part, your loads are probably on the ground. If you find that some of your luggage is missing, you can complete the form by contacting the airline representative you came with, for example (Air Canada), so that it can be found at your address.

You can use the desired number of available carts by dropping one dollar coins in the rental machines.

When you leave the airport and at the customs office, you will be asked for a customs declaration and you will write down the list of accessories that you may want to bring with you during the next 1 year and on subsequent trips in order to reduce customs and tax exemptions.

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