Passport Request

congratulating to you for receiving a positive answer to your visa

Once the applicant’s visa has been approved, a letter will be sent by the Immigration Office requesting that the applicant submit his or her original passport to the Canadian Immigration Service in Turkey and Ankara.

At the same time, another letter is sent, which is a biometric letter. This letter states the validity of the biometrics you have already gave and also states that the biometrics you gave on that date are valid for 10 years and do not need to be biometric again.


Documents to send:

  • Original passport
  • Request passport letter from the Immigration Office
  • Biometric letter


Methods of sending a passport:

  • Through reputable airline agencies
  • By mail


Passport sending steps:

  1. Our advice to people is not to act in person in any way and be sure to send a passport through a reputable airline agency.
  2. Reputable airlines in Iran have a service called Passport Pickup or Passport request
  3. After choose the desired air agency and knowing the exact price of this service, you will refer to this agency
  4. Then you deliver your original passport to them
  5. This agency will send your passport on the first flight to Turkey and the Canadian Embassy in Ankara.
  6. At the embassy, ​​the original of your visa will be placed on your passport and stamped
  7. After stamping the visa on the original passport, the airline agency will receive the passport from the embassy and send it to Iran on the first flight.
  8. The airline will then contact you and let you know that your passport has arrived and you can go to the agency and get your passport.

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