Montreal Bus and Metro Card

Montreal’s transportation system is called STM, which stands for Société de transport de Montréal.

To use the bus and subway in Montreal you need an Opus card and in English OPUS.

You must charge the OPUS card monthly and on the first day of each month. There are different tariffs, but if you use the subway and bus regularly, it is better to charge on a monthly basis.

The monthly charge for ordinary people is $ 90.50, which you can use this card many times indefinitely. Just remember that this fee is only for Montreal Island and you will have to pay a separate fee for Montreal Islands such as Laval, longueuil and Brossard.

The monthly charge for students is $ 52, which you can use many times indefinitely. To receive this card, you must have the relevant letter from your place of study and then go to BERRI – UQAM metro station. To be given an OPUS photo card in this center. This card is valid for one year and you must go to this center every year before the card expires and receive a new card.

OPUS card charging location:

OPUS card can be charged at all metro stations. There are ATMs at subway stations that you can use to charge your OPUS card or ask the station cashier to charge you.

Interesting point:

Recently, you can scan OPUS cards with your mobile phone to find out your balance and the number of remaining fares.

Additionally, according to ARTM, you may soon be able to purchase your OPUS cards through the updated Chrono app.

Also, in the near future, you can use this program on your phone and use buses and subways, such as paying by phone (Samsung pay and Apple pay), and you no longer need to always have an OPUS card with you.

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