Canada Health Card

By law, everyone must be covered by health insurance. This insurance and its related card, which covers all medical expenses (except medicine and ambulance costs for 911 calls), is one of the most essential documents that every resident of Quebec Province (like other provinces) needs. The ID card that is related to this health care insurance is known as Maladie Card.


Having a health card is very important for business owners and entrepreneurs, so when you first arrive in Canada, the first thing you need to do is apply for a Canada Health Card.

When you apply for a health card, you need a fixed address

A lot of strictness is done on your address when registering for a health card. Be sure to bring your long-term lease (at least 6 months) with you when you apply for a health card.

The health card is given to you for 1 year for the first time, and then when you renew, you will be given a 3-year or 5-year health card.


You will not be covered by any health insurance during the first three months until you have been issued a Canada Health Card. So you have two options. Either use quarterly private insurance or try not to get sick for three months because the cost of private treatment is very high. So it is very important that you apply for your health card as soon as you arrive in Canada.

How to apply for a health card:

Getting a health card is time consuming.

It is best to apply for your health or national card no later than the first week of arrival in Canada.

Steps for apply:

  • Call one of the following numbers.
  • 418-646-4636, 514-864-3411,1-800-561-9749
  • Give all your details completely and accurately to the operator. A health card application form will be mailed to you. (Provide your full name according to your passport and also provide your address)
  • Put the complete and signed form along with 2 identification documents in the same envelope and send it to the address on the envelope. (After checking your ID, they will return it to you)

A letter will be sent to you while your file is being reviewed, notifying you when your health card will be issued.

Your card will be mailed to you 14 days after receiving the letter.

Important points :

The following points are very important :

  • If your address changes during the time you receive your health card, you will need to call again and provide a new address.
  • If your phone number changes while you receive your health card, you will need to call again and provide a new phone number.
  • If you are staying temporarily (less than 6 months) you must provide a valid address from friends or acquaintances with the document.

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