Arriving in Canada

Necessary steps before entering Canada:

  1. It is best to renew your bank card before entering Canada. In Canada, you can get dollars from a currency exchange with your bank card. In this way, you have a card reader in Iranian exchange offices and you can easily draw a card and receive dollars.


  1. Bring all your main documents such as educational documents, work documents, identity documents, etc. and do not leave any original documents.


  1. Before coming to Canada give attorney to a trustworthy family member like father. If you want to sell your property or bank matters that person can do it for you.


  1. If you have a driver’s license in your country, make sure its valid when you come to Canada.


  1. Translation of driver license from other countries are not accepted in Canada from (January 5, 2016). Bring your driver license and you can easily translate them in Canada.


  1. You can get a letter from your country stating that you have a history of car insurance and not using that insurance. This letter must be translated in your country and must also have the seal of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Secondly, the letter must state that you did not have an accident during this period and did not use insurance. Thirdly, the longer you do not have an accident, the more it will be to your advantage, but you will get a discount of up to 10 years and a maximum of 50%. And fourth, get this letter in the last days, because both the date of the letter, that is, the date on which you received the letter and the date on which you were insured in the letter, are only valid for 6 months.


Upon arrival:

1 When flying, be sure to make your passport, ticket and relevant documents available.

  1. The documents you need when landing, in addition to the passport and the landing sheet, include three other forms. According to the Immigration Canada website, you will need to provide these three lists upon arrival:
  • Two complete lists of the items you have with you
  • Two complete lists of items to ferry later
  • Declaration Card
  1. Use forms B4 and B4a to prepare your to-do list. You can download and fill in the two forms B4 and B4a in Iran and bring them with you to reduce your landing time a bit and they will give you the Declaration Card on the plane that you are flying to Canada and you have to fill in the plane and Deliver when landing.
  2. Before packing, be sure to research what items you can not bring with you.
  3. In the Declaration Card, be sure to mention all the items that you have with you.
  4. Not mentioning the equipment completely will be to your detriment.
  5. If the airport officer takes you to a second inspection and finds that you did not mention the items in your file, they will then suspect your luggage each time you arrive in Canada.
  6. Canadian electricity is 110 watts and Iranian electricity is 220 watts, so importing electrical appliances from Iran is useless.
  7. If you have a very important electrical device that you want to bring with you, you can buy a power converter and bring it with you.
  8. Note that airlines have a certain amount of cargo and if it is more than allowed, you have to pay the amount.
  9. It is better to bring only the necessary items for yourself and avoid bringing unnecessary items.
  10. Before going to the airport, be sure to weigh your luggage so as not to be delayed at the airport.

Prohibited items:

To enter Canada, as in other countries, there are special entry rules. Canada has banned a number of items and goods, and foreign travelers can not carry these items under any circumstances.

Remember that if you carry prohibited items, your luggage will be inspected and fined, and it will also be recorded in your travel history. Your luggage will be inspected each time you arrive.

Prohibited items announced:

Food: Fresh fruits and vegetables, animal products and fish.

Live bait: small fish for fishing bait, leeches, leeches.

Weapons: Firearms and ammunition, ammunition, fireworks and pepper spray are not allowed.

Cannabis / Marijuana: Even if you have a prescription for medical cannabis / marijuana (from the United States, Canada, or another country), you cannot import marijuana into Canada.

Illegal drugs: It may be done without saying so, but you can absolutely not import any illegal drugs across the border into Canada.

Currency over C $ 10,000

Authorized equipment:

Food: Dry and packaged food

Alcohol: 1.5 liters (two 750 ml bottles) of wine or 8.5 liters (approximately 24 cans or bottles) of beer or 40 ounces (one large standard bottle).

Tobacco: 200 cigarettes or 50 Cuban cigarettes (leaves).

Pets: To bring your dog or cat to Canada, you must have a signature and a certificate from a veterinarian stating that your pet has been vaccinated against rabies for the past three years. If your dog or cat is less than three months old, you do not need a rabies vaccination certificate.


important points:

  • The important thing is that you should not have more than 10,000 Canadian dollars with you. This may seem a little simple, but it is not.
  • You can not bring other currencies worth more than C $ 10,000.
  • If you have souvenirs or gifts with you on your return trip, they should not be more than C $ 10,000, otherwise you must declare.
  • All cash you carry, whether in dollars or other currencies, the value of all your equipment should not exceed C $ 10,000.
  • If the value of the items you have and all the cash you carry, whether in dollars or other currencies, is more than 10,000 Canadian dollars, you must declare them on the Declaration Card.

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